The Thursdays


Chelmsford high school’s co-ed a cappella group

Founded in 2014, the Thursdays have grown from their jazz roots by infusing contemporary songs and styles into their repertoire. Many of the alumni of the Thursdays have gone on to perform at the collegiate level in schools ranging from Northeastern, UMass, Emerson, UNH, Colgate, and many others.

In the past 2016-2017 school year, they placed in the NE Voices competition and went to New York City to compete in the ICHSA National Finals. 

In 2017-18, They did it again! Another trip as finalist in the ICHSA National finals at Lincoln Center!

Also in 2018, the Thursdays participated in PBS’s “Sing That Thing!” and were named co-winner! A link to that finale is below, you should watch it!

Please stay tuned as the Thursdays are competing in the 2019 ICHSA tournament.

Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts here!

The Thursdays at the Northeast ICHSA Semifinal on March 11, 2017 - Sullivan Auditorium. Awards given for Semifinal Champion, Outstanding Choreography (Nadya Lisciotto), and Outstanding Soloist (Michael Xavier).

To view the season four finale of PBS’s “Sing That Thing!”, click below….but be cautioned….you will need a hankie!

Click below for an excellent interview with The Thursdays in 2018 for FloVoice in preparation for the 2018 ICHSA Finals.